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Now available, the highly anticipated

sequel to Crystal Falls — Bone Lake

The darkness continues to reign in the sleepy little town in Michigan’s remote Upper Peninsula.  Nearly twenty years after the events in Crystal Falls, the story continues with Jesse and Jenny’s son Jeremy Hawkins returning from incarceration to find his mother has gone missing.  Jeremy soon suspects his stepfather, the brutal and sadistic Roy “Junior” Pultz, who is now the vicious drug-trafficking Sheriff of Iron County. The prodigal son finds love, uncovers buried secrets and faces his demons, while racing against the clock to rescue his mother from a horrible fate.

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Crystal Falls

“When it came right down to it, I was surprised to discover it really wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be to kill Jesse Ray Hawkins.” 

So admits sensitive outcast Nate “Preacher” LaPointe at the beginning of Crystal Falls. That the exuberant
and charismatic Jesse Ray was a prominent local drug dealer is bad enough, but that fact that he was Preacher’s best friend and mentor makes the crime almost unfathomable. The rest of this tale includes an in-depth examination of how and why this murder has come to pass, as well as the tragic events that occur as a result, the narrative moving forward and backward through time, presenting vignettes from throughout Preacher and Jesse’s lives, as well as that of Jenny Ruthven, the strong-willed girl who grows up with them and completes the triangle that is the nexus of this story. 
Careening down a rutted back road to hell, Preacher and Jenny are pursued on all sides by Jesse’s sadistic brothers, a cadre of violent gangbangers, and a clownish, yet corrupt deputy sheriff named Junior, who may be the most dangerous foe of all. Meanwhile, the P.O.V. shifts at times between that of the main characters, as well as others, including a ghost contacted via a Ouija board and a lone wolf roaming the outskirts of this shadowy Upper Peninsula of Michigan (U.P.) town. As the layers unfold, the path leads to the uncovering of another unsolved murder and a century-old mystery. The tension rises to a crescendo as, finding themselves closed in on all sides, the lovers must find a way to survive, even if it results in betrayal and death that ends in a shocking conclusion. Crystal Falls presents a dangerous world where love and friendship are tested by the evils of violence and addiction.

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Brad’s first novel, The Courier, is also available on Amazon.

In The Courier, a broken man has only six hours in which to save a young boy’s life when the plane he is riding in to deliver a heart for transplant is hijacked and crashes in the rugged Copper Canyon region of Mexico. Pick up a copy of The Courier here.

Brad Walseth is a novelist living near Chicago. Brad’s short stories and reviews have appeared in numerous publications nationwide. An award-winning magazine writer/editor, he spent several years as a rock journalist on the groundbreaking music website Concertlivewire.com. This led to his starting Jazzchicago.net, where he was publisher, editor-in-chief, photographer, web designer, and primary writer and interviewer. Brad was also the producer and co-host of the popular radio show, Jazz, Chicago Style and producer and host of Expressions of Jazz on WRLR 98.3, and his archive podcasts are available on the Podcast/Radio Show page on this website.

The Courier is now available in Spanish – click here to check it out on AmazcourierSpanFronton – El Mensajero

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